we're green!

We believe that a successful, food-centric event is a green event — one that makes a conscious effort to leave a minimal footprint on the environment. Attendees can be assured that The Contest is 100% green and environmentally-sustainable. Our green philosophy is rooted in what we call the three Soup Contest C’s: commitment, communication, and composting. Here’s how we do it. 


The South Side Soup Contest in Pittsburgh, PA is committed to the environment and going green.


Each year, we plan and execute The Contest with a shared commitment to the environment. We want our attendees to eat soup and go green!

From start to finish, our event is built around environmentally-sustainable practices, which can be seen long after the last spoonful of soup has been enjoyed.

Each participating restaurant and host location share our belief in the importance of hosting an environmentally-sound event, and pledge to do their part to keep it green.

Our commitment is seen in the products we use. From soup cups to utensils, we utilize only compostable products.

The South Side Soup Contest in Pittsburgh, PA is committed to the environment and going green.


Going green is a message we convey with pride. We educate our partners and attendees through a mix of platforms including social media, signs, and images. We also train our volunteer staff to answer questions, so that attendees are in the know when it comes to composting and going green.



South Side Soup Contest partners with AgRecycle, Pennsylvania's largest sour-separated composting operation.


After every cup of soup has been tasted, votes have been cast, and a happy crowd of returns home, our commitment to going green continues. We partner with AgRecycle, Pennsylvania’s largest source-separated composting operation, to ensure that our compostable waste is recycled into natural materials that enhance soil and encourage plant growth.

The South Side Soup Contest occurs each year in Pittsburgh's South Side Flats to showcase the restaurants on and around Carson Street.